"When will my order ship?"

Current processing time is approximately 10-14 days for in stock items due to order volume. 

For Pre-Orders, please refer to the estimated ship time listed on the item description, these are often general windows due to potential delays and merchandise production and ship times. If there are any delays you will be notified and it will be notated in the shop updates and on social media. 

In stock items purchased alongside pre-order items will be shipped together with the pre-order item. Please be advised when placing orders. 

"Do you do custom orders?" 

No I don't take custom orders, the products are designed by me and manufactured, it would be impossible to create a one off custom item due to various expenses such as printing plates and mold fees or various products. 

"Will you restock __?"

I typically restock items based on customer demand due to limited storage space, occasionally I'll put up a pre-order for a new round of restocks to gauge customer demand, if there is enough call for it I put in for a restock with typically takes 1-2 months for pins and 3-5 months for bags.